Monday, January 31, 2011

How it all started....

Six years ago, shortly after the birth of our only son, Alex, we decided that we wanted to create events for the multisport athlete.  For the past ten years we had participated in running events of every distance up to the marathon, all the distances in triathlon, and lots of duathlons, swims, and bike races.  We loved it. Training and racing was not only an outlet for our fast paced lives but something that brought us together.  Most of our serious discussions were held while stretching out after putting in some miles.  Even more so, we enjoyed meeting others who were just as passionate as we were about these sports.  At the time, ten to fifteen years ago the multisport community was not that large.  We often saw the same people at numerous events and knew all the race directors, their courses, strengths, and weaknesses.  Often, after an event we hung around the finish line cheering on participants as they came in and then sharing our experiences at the awards ceremony and in the transition area as we packed up.  After years of doing this we began to wonder why something that was initially a hobby seemed so important to us and others similar to us.  There was something about the momentum that builds as you follow through with a training plan and find yourself getting faster and going longer.  There was something about laying it all on the line every weekend and then seeing where you stood.  And, most important, there was something about the overall effect this lifestyle was having on us as individuals and as a couple and those who were close to us.  We had a very positive feeling about it all, even after purchasing expensive bikes and gear and paying out for all those entry fees, hotels, restaurants, and long drives.  That feeling was something that we eventually thought was more than just an itch but a driving force that could motivate a person to do incredible things.  It often was more obvious in people who crossed the finish line at the tail end, they were often not physically ready for the distance they had just completed but somehow had the will to finish.  The look in their faces was unforgettable. That feeling was something that made us better people at work and at home.  It was worth way more than the feeling you get from other activities and it was something that peaked at an event. For years it drove us to go up and down the east coast nearly every weekend to race, sometimes twice on a weekend. We raced in nearly everything that was out there, The Great Floridian, The Duke BlueDevil, Eagleman, Diamondman, Mooseman, Mussleman, the first NYC Triathlon, etc., etc., etc. So, when Alex was born we thought that this would be a good time to try our hand at putting on something that honored and celebrated that feeling that was driving us and a growing number of your average persons to do things most thought were beyond a regular person's abilities.  This something became Citytri Racing when we established three dates at three different venues, The Upperman Duathlon, The Bassman Triathlon, and The Prospect Park Duathlon.  With a six month son in tow and in our mid-thirties we didn't question our determination to create these events, we were focused, driven, and passionate about creating a venue where others could experience more of that great feeling.  Even more so, we thought that the all of the motivation, strength, drive, and passion housed in an event could somehow have an even greater impact on the community and people connected to each event. 

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